Website policy

We understand that data security is of importance when using a website, and that many people have concerns about how data supplied or otherwise obtained via a site may be used for purposes other than those intended.  Our policy regarding the privacy of your data and browsing of our pages is set out below.

Our website does not use cookies, Java, or JavaScript in any form.

Our site does not employ any methods of tracking your visits to other sites by way of hidden or visible links to search-engine analytical systems, advertising servers, etc.  The only information retained about your visits to view our pages is that contained in the usual server logs to show IP address, the referring page if you came to us from another site, your browser type, and so on.  This is the standard log information which is generally maintained by all websites, and which we use only for own our purposes of seeing how people find our site and for solving any technical problems.

If you subscribe to our mailing list then your e-mail address will be kept on our web server in order to let you know when we update our site.  E-mail addresses supplied for our subscription list are not used for any other purpose and are accessible only to our independent technical agent for the purposes of notifying you when we update our site.  Addresses are not shared with any other party.

This page will be updated should any of the above policies change for technical or operational reasons, but rest assured that we do not believe in making any personal data supplied to us for the purposes of our services available to third parties for other purposes such as marketing, visitor profile tracking, etc.

Queries regarding any aspect of website operation may be sent to

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