Number plates

We can make standard, current-style U.K. number plates while you wait in both the long and squarer sizes, priced at £10 each.  Plates with a blue GB strip are £12 each.  Motorcycle and Japanese import size plates are also available on the spot.

Other custom sizes or styles, such as black and silver plates for pre-1973 vehicles or the special shape plates used on some Rover models are available to special order.

Please note that in accordance with current legislation we are required to ask for proof of both your own identity and that of the vehicle for which the plates are intended.   Your driver's license and the vehicle's V5C registration certificate will suffice, but other documents are acceptable if either is not available for some reason.

Acceptable proof of personal identity Acceptable proof of vehicle registration number

• Current driver's license (U.K. or foreign)

• Current passport (U.K. or foreign)

• Current national identity card issued by a foreign government

• Bill issued by electricity, gas, or water supplier, a landline telephone bill, or a council tax bill (current within the last 6 months)

• Bank or building society statement (current within the last 6 months)

• Debit or credit card issued by a bank or building society (within expiry date)

• Current police warrant card

• Current armed forces identity card

• Vehicle registration certificate, V5C, provided that you are using the same document as the required proof of vehicle registration number

• Vehicle registration certificate, V5C

• New keeper supplement V5C/2 (section 10) of a V5C

• Certificate of entitlement to a registration, V750

• Cherished transfer retention document, V778

• Vehicle license renewal form, V11

• Temporary registration certificate, V379

• Authorization certificate with official DVLA stamp, V948

• Letter of authorization from a fleet operator quoting the document reference number from the V5C

We shall require proof of both name and address by one or more of the documents listed in the left-hand column (a single document which provides both is acceptable), plus proof of vehicle registration in the form of at least one document from the right-hand column above.

All documents presented as proof must be originals, not copies.  Unfortunately, without seeing the applicable proofs we will be unable to make your plates.

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